HP Gear Oil 85w-140 20L (1216.20)

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: HP Gear Oils fight the major causes of gear failure –deposits, rust and wear.
: The advanced Extreme Pressure additive ensures maximum wear protection : Wide operating range delivers enhanced component durability and protection.
: The advanced Anti-wear additive system ensures maximum wear protection and enhances component life.
: Very good demulsibility performance for enhance rust protection, longer fluid and component life.

HP GEAR OILS are formulated to meet the requirements of driveline manufacturers who recommend an API Service Classification GL-5 gear oil. HP Gear Oil contain excellent extreme pressure performance additives, ensuring superior gear lubrication for passenger car and trucks whilst offering excellent thermal oxidation stability and corrosion protection. These oils are recommended for use in automotive manual transmissions, hypoid differentials and spiral bevel rear axles/transaxles where an API GL-5 gear oil is specified. Available in both SAE 80W-90 and SAE 85W-140 viscosity grade fluids.